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The Billionaire's Secret

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Ava Tame has been struggling to find work as an accountant ever since being laid off from Pierce, Peterson, and Sons. New York just keeps getting more and more expensive, and now her landlord is threatening to evict her. Ava's only hope is getting an interview at the elusive Nine Industries, owned and operated by the even more elusive Daniel Nine. When she's not only granted an interview but seen by Mr. Daniel Nine himself, so begins a series of events that will change Ava and Daniel's lives forever.

**This is an erotic novella. Do not read if you are easily perturbed by hot, steamy situations.**

Rue Bourbon Supernatural's 


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Scarlette (Rue Bourbon Supernaturals, #1) 
Scarlette is the one. Since she was a little girl, Scarlette has always been the one. It wasn’t all that special to begin with and now it’s just a nuisance. It means Scarlette is always on the run, trying to hide from supernaturals wanting to use her in their ritual. Most importantly, it means she’s never had a real relationship or ever really fallen in love. Until Aldric.


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Drowning Ophelia

99c on AMAZON

Drowning Ophelia (Drowning Ophelia, #1)

What began as a regular trip home turns drastically different for naive and melancholy Ophelia. Delayed in a dark manor, secrets unfold and sexualities unleash. Ophelia goes from a boring and unromantic life to stuck between two loves. It seems like a fairy tale, though not everything is sparkling. In Eva Natsumi’s debut romantic novella, she brings a new twist to Dracula and vampires in general.


Miss Lonelyhearts

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Miss Lonelyhearts (Bloody Valentine, #1)
There's no time to figure out what or who caused the plague, Greta and Jack must leave D.C. before they too become infected. Their once clean and friendly city is overwrought with aimless, childlike infected and bloodthirsty savages seeking their flesh.

Thrust in to the apocalypse, Greta finally feels free. As she fights off infected and stumbles in to post-apocalyptic life with Jack, her anxiety vanishes. Is this the change that Greta needed to overcome her personal demons or is it too late? Is everything too far gone? 

The Web

99c on Amazon 

The Web (The Web, #1)

This is the enthralling third person narrative of Saye and Soul, a queen of the United Kingdom of Araneis and the rogue who took her captive. In it the reader discovers their intertwining tale. A tale of perilous romance, of complex political collusion, and of spiders with the size and intellect of humans, The Web is a masterpiece of love in a world where one must never ask a rogue for honesty, except when looking for truth.


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