Jan 11, 2015

My Kenna Teaser

An Excerpt of My Kenna

The next morning Kenna lie in Butch's arms and it was sublime. She felt safe and cared for and as the sun hit her eyes she was utterly warmed.

Kenna moved a little, still under the safe nook of Butch’s arm, but wanting to see his face. His chest rose and fell with deep breaths. His eyebrows were furrowed, as though he was concentrating even in his sleep. Kenna snuggled closer, loving the warmth and protection this big man offered her.

Butch stirred, his eyes wandering the room before settling on Kenna. He smiled and squeezed her closer.

“Good morning darlin’.”

Kenna smiled, kissing his bare chest. He had tufts of hair on his chest that Kenna wanted to run her fingers through, but she settled for nuzzling the side of his pectoral.

“Good morning,” Kenna murmured.

“Have you been staring at me long?” Butch asked, his eyes sleepy and his smile soft.

“Long enough to hear you confess your undying devotion to me in my sleep,” Kenna teased.

“Is that right?” Butch asked, rolling on top of Kenna. He pinned her on either side of his big biceps. His morning erection poked her thigh, the only protection a thin sheet. Butch lowered his skull-shaved head, bringing his lips lightly to the skin of her neck.

“You know I love the feel of you beneath me, Kenna,” Butch said against the hollow of her neck. He planted small kisses up and down her collar bone. “I love how you squirm when I kiss you.” Butch continued his sensual assault past her collar bone and to the top of her breast, lavishing her with small pecks.

Kenna released a satisfied sigh as Butch trailed his tongue back up to her neck, biting her gently.
“Fuck,” Butch said between bites of her soft flesh. “Darlin’ you taste so good.”

Kenna reached her hands up and grabbed at the flesh of his back, pulling him closer to her. She breathed hot in to his ear. “I need you inside me, Butch.” Her core ached to feel his length, actually ached. She scissored herself along his legs, but it barely soothed the growing pain between her legs.

She needed him, badly.

Kenna kissed Butch, biting at his lower lip and urging him with her mouth to fuck her. 
“Please,” Kenna said between kisses. “I’m so wet for you.” Butch groaned a strained and almost painful sound when he felt Kenna press her core to his leg. He brushed aside the sheet, preparing to enter Kenna.

“Oh hell,” Butch cursed, as he caught light of the glowing clock.

“What?” Kenna asked, panting.

Butch groaned in to the pillow beside Kenna, planting his fists on either side of her. “I have to meet the guys down at the base.”

“Stay,” Kenna demanded.

“Would if I could darlin’ but I’m already late.” Butch picked his head up from the pillow and pierced Kenna with his hazel eyes. He thrust his hand between the sheets and cupped Kenna’s pussy. Kenna gasped, her mouth forming an “O” but no words came out.

“You remember me today, Kenna,” Butch growled as he plunged a finger inside of her. “When you’re alone you remember me. Understand?” Kenna nodded furiously as Butch fucked her with his finger, bringing her to orgasm. She scythed her nails in to his back as her orgasm wracked her with intensity.

When it was over Butch slowly removed his finger, each delicate movement sending an aftershock through her body.

As Butch dressed to go, Kenna stood up on her knees, the sheet falling and leaving her naked. Butch eyed her warily.

“What are you trying to do?”

Kenna smiled coyly. “I’m trying to keep you here.”

 Butch seized Kenna by the waist and pulled her in to a kiss. His mouth pulled Kenna’s lower lip, teasing, owning, and finally letting go when Kenna was nearly out of breath. Kenna blinked, trying to see through unfocused eyes.

“Kenna,” Butch said seriously. “You have me.”

Kenna nodded and only tried to get him to stay two more times before he left that morning. 

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